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Pop Rob’s Dream Justice League Movie Lineup (Pop Rob)

(Please welcome our first guest blogger POP ROB to the site! Take it away Rob! -Charlie) Okay, so apparently Ben Affleck is being courted by Warner Bros to direct the Justice League movie. I thought The Town was okay, so … Continue reading

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Super Powers Mini Comics (Charlie)

The Super Powers Collection was a popular Kenner toy line from the early 80s. You probably recognize the featured figures more from the Hannah Barbera Super Friends cartoon(Wonder Twins activate!).This show literally introduced me to the world of classic DC … Continue reading

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CHILDHOOD COMIC BOX #1: Robin III: Cry of the Huntress (Charlie)

This is a series I want to do now and again in memory of my childhood comic collection that is no longer with us. I loved these books and looking back I feel I had some pretty key issues. BUT … Continue reading

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