Heroclix Ya’ll (Charlie)

I don’t play or collect Heroclix but if WizKids doesn’t stop making figures like these I’m gonna have a new money sucking obsession. Be strong me. Be strong.

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Memorial Day Mega Score (Charlie)

The story goes like this…

Memorial Day leads to slow day at work. Slow day at work leads to Craigslist comic shopping. Craigslist comic shopping leads to me picking up the entire black suit Amazing Spider-Man run (#252-258), Secret Wars #1 and 12, Secret Wars II #1, 2, 3 and 9 and West Coast Avengers #1 for 20 bucks!!! WOW! All near mint! CRAZY AWESOME DEAL!

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Astonishing X-Men #51 Variant (Charlie)

You’ve more than likely heard something about this book. Astonishing X-Men #51 features the first same-sex marriage in comic history. Nice to see Marvel(and DC soon!)think outside the box a little. Check out this variant cover by Dustin Weaver. It features all the past Marvel weddings on a wraparound cover and even saves a spot for your own big day snapshot or sketch. Congrats Northstar and Kyle!

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More awesome finds! (Charlie)

Origin of the black suit symbiote in Secret Wars #8 and the death of Elektra in Daredevil #181!

Paid $35 total. Near mint condition! I love you Half Price Books!!!

(Also picked up Fantastic Four #240-259 combo pack for $30. Lots of Inhumans and Galactus action!)


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Half Price Books Spider-Man Score (Charlie)

I frequent the four local Half Price Books in Austin just about every weekend. They sell pre-owned comics for half the cover price. So if it’s an older book, you’ll get it for something like 75 cents! I hardly ever pay more than 2 bucks for a single issue. Recently I scored quite a few awesome Spider-Man books. Just thought I’d share my loot.  (I actually paid about $30 for the Spectacular Spider-Mans #1 and 2 but a steal nonetheless!)

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Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand (Charlie)

I want to really try and sell you on this book. It’s great. If you’re a fan of Jim Henson, it should be a no brainer. BUY IT!

Now let me tell you about it…

Tale of Sand is the lost screenplay of Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl realized by the fantastic artist Ramon Perez. Written well before the success of The Muppets and Sesame Street, it focuses on a heroic adventurer(who I envision as Jim himself) and his imaginative journey told mostly with sound. “Sound” you say? “But this is a comic book?!?” YES! Sound! And no, it’s not one of those Star Wars books where you press a button on the side and Yoda tells you to turn the page.

This is a brilliantly designed graphic novel that uses unique ways of conveying sound and action through pictures to tell a beautiful, Alice in Wonderland type story. It’s actually somewhat hard to explain but as I read (or mostly looked and imagined) I was instantly carried away by the story. Ramon Perez must have spent months on the artwork. This is by far the most beautiful piece of comic art I own. The colors are vibrant, the layouts are amazing and the visual storytelling really blew me away. Somehow Perez and co. succeeded in telling Jim’s long lost movie screenplay years after his death with hardly any word bubbles and still captured the magic only Henson can deliver.

Another BIG selling point on this book is the actual package. It’s a thick, lengthy hardcover(bound with a really cool material that reminds me of an old encyclopedia) with a beautiful cover, and even a ribbon wrapped around to mark your place(as if you won’t finish it in one sitting!). The foreword (written by Karen Falk) tells the story of how Tale of Sand came to be, intertwined with an actual life story of Jim Henson. There are old pictures of Jim and friends, bios on the creators, character sketches and an afterword by Lisa Henson. Oh and did I mention that pieces of the original screenplay are actually hidden in some of the panels and that the few words in the actual comic are based on Jim Henson’s handwriting?!? I could go on all day about Tale of Sand but I won’t. Wouldn’t want to spoil ALL the fun before you go and pick up a copy.

So PLEEEAAASSEE, do yourself a favor and go buy this book. You won’t regret it. Plus I just really want to have someone I can talk with about it.


(Also if you haven’t seen the new Muppet movie or the recent documentary Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey, go watch them without delay!)

Top photo via www.parkablogs.com and Jim Henson photo via www.pbs.org

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Marvel Meets John K. (Charlie)

via i09.com and Junaid Chundriger

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