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Robot 6: Shelf Porn Submission (Charlie)

Check out my own personal comic collection featured on Robot 6/Comic Book Resources’ Shelf Porn blogsite! -Charlie via: & Advertisements

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My 20 Favorite Marvel Covers (Charlie)

It’s no secret that I am primarily a Marvel fan. I collect and enjoy other comics as well but the majority of my collection consists of bronze and silver age Marvel comics. Since no one really ever sees my collection(mainly … Continue reading

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Limited Edition Walking Dead Season 2 Blu-Ray (Charlie)

We pre-ordered this beaut’ back in early summer and received it last week. So cool! It’s the limited edition RV zombie head version of season 2 of The Walking Dead. It’s not even officially for sale yet but Crossover Blog … Continue reading

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Pop Rob’s Dream Justice League Movie Lineup (Pop Rob)

(Please welcome our first guest blogger POP ROB to the site! Take it away Rob! -Charlie) Okay, so apparently Ben Affleck is being courted by Warner Bros to direct the Justice League movie. I thought The Town was okay, so … Continue reading

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Two Comic Short Films That Will Blow Your Mind (Charlie)

Batman in PUPPET MASTER   The Punisher in DIRTY LAUNDRY

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Guardians of the Galaxy Movie News (Charlie)

So it appears GOTG is lined up for a full Marvel Studios movie to lead right into Avengers 2 and I for one could not be happier. Marvel is blowing my mind! All the tie-in movie successes, a flawless Avengers flick and now this?!? … Continue reading

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The Many Shades of She-Hulk (Charlie)

I’ve never been a huge She-Hulk fan. I mean, I read plenty of books that feature her but can’t say I’ve ever craved a solo title. Maybe I’m still holding a grudge for her literally ripping apart one of my … Continue reading

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