Pop Rob’s Dream Justice League Movie Lineup (Pop Rob)

(Please welcome our first guest blogger POP ROB to the site! Take it away Rob! -Charlie)

Okay, so apparently Ben Affleck is being courted by Warner Bros to direct the Justice League movie. I thought The Town was okay, so maybe he’ll do alright (so long as he doesn’t actually try to sneak himself into the role of one of the characters – because I can’t picture a single one I’d be comfortable with him portraying).

So, who are my picks you ask? Well, let me tell you…

Superman/Clark Kent – HENRY CAVILL (it only makes sense to use the guy that is going to be in the upcoming Superman movie. If they dont use that film as the jumping-off point for the JL movie, they’re out of their minds. Besides, the dude looks like Superman.)

Bruce Wayne/Batman – JOHN HAMM (originally I thought he’d be a perfect Superman, but the more I think about it, he would be an excellent Bruce Wayne/Batman. He has the jawline and already plays a rich guy with a secret past on Mad Men. Perfect match! Besides, he’s already worked with Affleck in The Town, so surely he’s got his number laying around…)

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince – GINA CARANO (Have you seen HAYWIRE? Not only is there a tongue-in-cheek joke where someone calls her Wonder Woman, she might as well be running around with a golden lasso while he’s kicking all those dudes from one side of the screen to the other. She’s an MMA champ, too! SHE CAN REALLY KILL YOU! AND YOU’D BE OKAY WITH IT! It’s WONDER WOMAN!)

The Flash/Wally West – RYAN GOSLING (just go watch DRIVE and picture him in a red costume the whole time. There you go.)

Aquaman/Arthur Curry – SIMON BAKER (yeah, THE FREAKIN’ MENTALIST, DUDE! Give him a spear! Put him in the water! GO!)

Green Lantern/Hal Jordan – RYAN REYNOLDS (I was okay with Ryan Reynolds in the GL movie, even though the script was horrible, they wasted a chance to build up the relationship between Hal and Sinestro and Blake Lively was very not necessary, but – sure, whatever. I can’t think of anyone else, just keep him.)

Cyborg/Victor Stone – IDRIS ELBA (the “IT” British actor from ‘Luther’ and ‘Prometheus’ is a little older than this character might should be, but I think he’d be a great fit for the role.)

Green Arrow/Oliver Queen – JOHNNY DEPP (Why? I dunno, WHY NOT!)

Martian Manhunter – LAURENCE FISHBURNE (go back and watch The Matrix with the tint on your TV shifted to green. SEE, SEE!!)

No other cast will be accepted. Now, get to work, DC/Warner Bros! Avengers 2 is going to be out before you get your act together.

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