Guardians of the Galaxy Movie News (Charlie)

So it appears GOTG is lined up for a full Marvel Studios movie to lead right into Avengers 2 and I for one could not be happier. Marvel is blowing my mind! All the tie-in movie successes, a flawless Avengers flick and now this?!? I’ll be grinning all the way to 2014.

So what are The Guardians of the Galaxy? Well…

The 2008 rendition of this team, reinvented by British novelists Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, was a breath of fresh air for the Marvel cosmic storyline. Launching from 2006’s Annihilation and winding it’s way through the heavily Inhuman based War of Kings and Realm of Kings, these books outdid themselves with each new issue. Something about this group’s dynamic really worked for me and I have been dreaming of a Rocket Raccoon big screen appearance ever since.

Now I of course have no idea what Marvel has up their sleeve for this film. They could take this so many different ways. I’m about 99% sure mainly due to the recent appearances on the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon and the Marvel vs. Capcom game that they will stick with Dan and Andy’s rebooted version of the team. There was an earlier roster first appearing in 1969 and running off and on until the mid 90s but in my opinion wouldn’t really capture any big screen magic like the new characters would.  I also don’t think this movie would heavily focus on Thanos. I’m thinking he may have an appearance but Marvel will probably want to save his big storyline for the next Avengers. Just my thoughts.

So in celebration and just to help get you informed on what these guys are about I’ve decided to line it all out for you. I know that these are VERY below-the-radar books so here’s the low down…

The Guardians of the Galaxy basically formed from the ashes of Annihilation to help prevent more galactic threats from possibly destroying the universe. Including an array of heavy hitter cosmic guys and gals (and animals?), the team wind through space and time fighting baddies like The Universal Church of Truth and the Badoon and hang out in a severed Celestial head floating through space in their down time . Weird huh?

Star-Lord (Peter Quill) will definitely be in the movie.

-Leader of the team; Human; likes space guns and has a cool mask

Drax the Destroyer (Arthur Douglas) (rumoured to appear)

-Father of Moondragon, christened to kill Thanos, has appeared in the comics as a mindless moron as well as an intelligent psycopath

Gamora (rumoured to appear)

-last of her species, the Zen Whoberi, raised and trained by Thanos, appeared in the Infinity Gauntlet, had a romantic relationship with Nova (Richard Rider)

Rocket Raccoon and Groot (rumoured to appear)

RR-captain of the starship Rack n’ Ruin, a gifted military tactician who also loves giant space guns, suffers from OCD, is a friggin raccoon!

Groot-extraterrestrial plant monster, tricked death surviving in twig form but eventually absorbed enough energy to grow back to normal size, only speaks one line: I AM GROOT!, loves his raccoon buddy

Other characters who may or may not appear:

Adam Warlock





GOTG (1969)













Kevin Fiege and Marvel are going to be announcing more details at the San Diego Comic Con coming up. Stay tuned!!!

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