The Many Shades of She-Hulk (Charlie)

I’ve never been a huge She-Hulk fan. I mean, I read plenty of books that feature her but can’t say I’ve ever craved a solo title. Maybe I’m still holding a grudge for her literally ripping apart one of my favorite characters, The Vision in Avengers Disassembled. BUT she IS a Hulk. And we all know what Hulks do…


I recently acquired Savage She-Hulk #1(which is also her first appearance)and was blown away by the cover art! I just randomly came across it in a bargain bin and had to have it. It’s great! It’s kind of a play on the Incredible Hulk #1 cover. You know the one right? Looks like that one up there but with a He-Hulk.

So I come home and start looking up the full run of covers and immediately decide that I have to have ’em. Something about the bright greens and blocked off 3-D logo are instant eye candy. Check these out:

And later came Sensational She-Hulk. Same cool artwork but with a sarcastic sense of humor and lots of pinks and greens! Ooooh! Take a look:

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